Pollution increased in Delhi : Needs to learn from China


The capital of the country has been gripped by mist and smog for the past three days. After the poor air quality, schools were discharged till Sunday in Delhi.

For a week, there were some similar situations in China’s Beijing city. The level of smoke and fog was rising. Considering the dangerous pollution level, the Environment Ministry had issued Orange Alert on November 4.

American President Donald Trump was to arrive on Beijing tour. His plane landed in a clear sky in Beijing on Wednesday. Chinese media have claimed that due to the emergency action before the trip of Trump, the pollution in Beijing has been reduced by 20%.

China adopts 4 ways to deal with smog in the city :

1. Entry stopped in Beijing from other cities of private vehicles that have been polluting.
2. Nearly 2000 construction sites were examined in view of the consolidation. Dust particles were controlled from there as well.
3. Production of cement, steel and coalfields was banned for a few days only.
4. Special anti-smog guns were used to reduce the effect of dust particles. This is sprayed in the air so that dust particles come to the ground with water showers.


On the other hand, on Wednesday, the pollution level increased in Delhi and the Visibility was zero in the morning. According to the CPCB’s(Central Pollution Control Board) Air Quality Index, there was a pollution level of 487 on 500 scale. It is also very dangerous for the sick people as well as the healthy people.

If the index reaches 500 in the next 48 hours, according to the Grade Response Action Plan, people can be inducted on the Even-Odd Formula and constructions for trains in Delhi-NCR will be stopped.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has appealed for help to control policing from Punjab and Haryana CM. He wrote a letter to CM Manohar Lal Khattar of Haryana and CM Capt Amarinder Singh of Punjab on Wednesday.

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