Rohingya Refugees boat sunked killing 15 people


At least 15 refugees aboard a ship filled with Rohingya refugees near the Cox’s Bazar coast of Bangladesh died due to drowning.

Police said that there were about 100 refugees in the boat. They said that the boat collided with something steep in the sea and turned around.

17 people were rescued while 15 bodies have been recovered, which includes most women and children. They said there is a possibility of more bodies found in the sea. More than 5 lakh Rohingya refugees have left Myanmar.


Summary of the incident :

  • Eyewitnesses say the boat was only a few meters away from the shore when it sank.
  • Nurul Islam, 22, said that more than 100 people were in the boat and most of them were women and children.
  • He said that his mother, wife, sister and little boy were there in the boat when it sank.
  • More than five lakh Rohingya refugees have entered the border of Bangladesh due to the violence issues in Myanmar since August 25.
  • Rohingya refugees have accused the Myanmar army of killing and burning their villages and alleged raping them.

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